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I'm Amanda Shulman and I'm always hungree all the time. I love food. I love cooking food, I love writing about food, I love talking about food, and I most especially love eating food. Yes, I am obsessed. This blog is about my restaurant and daily food adventures and my obsession with anything edible. I'm currently going into my sophomore year at the University of Pennsylvania where I'm studying Political Science and journalism. Poli sci so foodie right? They don't have an edible major so I've decided to major in it on the side. While I constantly feel deprived at school due to my lack of  a kitchen, I've been able to make due with the help from some older friends who generously (and eagerly) offer up their own kitchens in exchange for some goods. I mean hey, I like to share, so it all works out. All I want in life is to be on the Food Network and have my own show or write for a magazine like Gourmet or Bon Appetite, so if ya like me, keep following because I'm gonna be BIG. I've been obsessed with food for as long as I can remember. My mom is an amazing cook and I've learned from her but am also happy to say I picked a lot of it up on my own. In my house, food has always been a big deal. Its that one thing that can make everything better all the time no matter what type of occasion. I love food because it makes people happy and it can say so much without using any words at all. So happy eating to all and follow me because you will be seeing my name in the future!  

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