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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Honestly Delicious

Honest Tom's Tacos
forks: 8
price: $

216 S. 44th St.
Philadelphia, PA

All right. I did it. I found my new hot spot. It's fast, simple, and beyond delicious. AND on top of that, they deliver. I had heard of Honest Tom's Tacos a while back and had the name and address written on a sticky on my dashboard for some time now. Then, last week, when Ali and I were baking at a Courtney's house, she had extra taco from her dinner and offered it to us. We each had one bite and immediately were dialing Tom's for delivery. That first time did it for me and I was sold. So tonight Whitney and I decided to check out the actual joint and introduce my brother and his bff Alex to what will now be their new addiction. Tucked away on 44th, Tom's is a modest shop.

 It's a clean tacqueria with a simple menu: burritos, tacos, and chips. You can have your choice of pork, beef, chicken, and sweet potato, or a combination of two. Tacos come in orders of 2 for $6, so I ordered a sweet potato/beef and a sweet potato/chicken. Sweet potatoes on tacos is pure genius. Not only am I obsessed with sweet potatoes, but now vegetarians get to join the part and I am sure they are VERY thankful. They also had a fish taco special so I obviously had to try that too.

Jake pondering.

I LOVE an open kitchen. Who doesn't like to watch tha action!?!

 I ordered and within about 5 minutes my name was called. Yes, it's rude to start eating before other people get their food, but sometimes when it looks/smells like this you just can't help it. The beef/sweet potato and chicken/sweet potato were awesome. Piled with fresh salsa and guacamole, the ground beef and chicken each complemented the sweet potato's natural sweetness so perfectly. I especially loved the beef and sp (sweet potato from here on out) mix together as the sp added a light and sugary note to the richness of the beef. Also, the contrast in textures was a total success. Whitney, as a celiac, eats more Mexican food then the average person, so she is a good judge of a great taco. She went with the ground beef and sweet potato and had the same reactions I did aka she happily approves.
 CLOSE UP. Chek dat sweet potato OUT

The fish tacos. UGH the fish tacos. Tilapia topped with grilled pineapple, shallots, cilantro, and a house made aoili were insane. They were fresh and light, and the pineapple brought a tangy citrus note that made me think of coconuts, beaches, and summer. So tasty, so good, I could literally eat 4 orders.
MmmmM look at that filling.

Jake and Alex both got pork burritos, filled with rice, beans, pork, salsa, and guacamole. Yes, they were steaming blankets of heaven, each bite exposing more and more of the filling's goodness. The rice and beans were warm and homey and had that classic Mexican flavor. While the pork was tender and tasty, it was lacking a distinct pork flavor, and could have been mistaken for chicken. Perhaps a longer marinade or a shredded version could have made it stand out a little more.

 Unlike a lot of the time when I eat Mexican food and its good at the time and then sickening later, this was not the case with Tom's. Yes, I was beyond full after eating, but it wasn't greasy, wasn't overly sauced, and were the "lightest" tacos I can say I've had. Its Mexican that you don't get sick of. Ask Ali, she's had it three nights in a row... On my list to try: the breakfast taco mmm.

My Tom's crew.

SO, either take out your phone and start ordering now or take a break from studying (erryone needs a break) and take a nice walk over to 44th. To be Honest, Tom...ya killing it.

Honestly D-elish.

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