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Friday, May 25, 2012

My New Obsession: Soft Serve Fruit Co.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend YA'LLl! I am kicking it with my pal DGross in the Hamptons and dining wise, I'm in heaven. Today I made a big discovery. I discovered the Soft Serve Fruit Company, a fruit based frozen soft serve that is both gluten and dairy free. It contains only 3 ingredients: the fruit, water, and some cane sugar, and it is unbelievable. D and I were in the mood for a light snack so headed over to try it out. Today they were featuring four flavors: banana, strawberry, tangerine, and dark chocolate. Well, we had to taste test all of them, so obviously we did and they were all unreal. It was the creamiest soft serve I've ever had yet wasn't heavy or milky. It was light and silky, and literally tasted exactly like the fruit. It was the perfect snack and at 85 calories for 3 oz, it was ACTUALLY healthy, not like all those other fro-yos claim to be. I went with strawberry and banana topped with fresh strawberries, bananas, and raspberries.  The banana was literally like eating frozen bananas. AH.

D got the dark chocolate banana swirl with fresh bananas and it was also divine. The soft serve was so rich it was hard to believe that it didn't contain anything but those three ingredients.
She's serious about her soft serve. DONT MESS.

Then we went home for the afternoon, hung out for about an hour, and then some friends came over. And then those friends told us they were what did we do? Well, we went back. Ya I'm serious. We actually went back. D and I were praying it was a different shift of people working the counter, but obviously it wasn't, and they welcomed us back with confused smiles. This time, Kelsey and I tried the "banana split": banana soft serve with fresh strawberries, bananas, walnuts, maple syrup, and whipped cream. OMG. So good, so yummy, and still so light.
Kels doing it the right way.

Ya, I guess we're addicted. SUE US. I will be hitting this place up at least 4 more times this weekend, and will be then trying to figure out how to get it at home. TRY and you will see.

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