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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LOS Burgers Truck

LOS stands for Lucky Old Souls. I may not be old, but today I certainly feel like a lucky soul. Why? Well, because today was the day I had my first taste of the LOS Burgers Truck. Great a new food truck, no big deal, right? WRONG. SO wrong. Let me explain. Firstly, I've been stalking LOS Burgers Truck on twitter for about 2 months now. Yes, its a little ridiculous, borderline obsessive maybe, but i love how they use social media to connect with their hungree followers and while I was one of their hungree-est followers of all, I had never even tasted their food. Well, that all changed today when Bree and I ventured to their tweeted location to check them out.

Their menu featured delicious sounding burgers, shakes, fries, and sauces all made from locally sourced ingredients. I'm a sucker for locavore status so I was already on board. First you pick among grass-fed beef burgers, veggie burgers, or turkey burgers #iloveoptions. Then you pick your toppings from a variety of cheeses to pickled tomatoes, sautéed onions, and bacon. Then your sauce, ranging from roasted garlic mayo and bacon mayo to today's special scallion mayo. But it doesn't stop after this. You have to pick your dipping sauce for your fries and your flavor of milkshake too. Well, we wanted to to get a good sampling so that is my justification for order a lot. I went with a veggie burger topped with pickles, lettuce, tomato, sautéed onions, and the roasted garlic mayo, while Bree went with a beef burger topped with sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato and ketchup. We got fries with the scallion mayo dipping sauce and a salted caramel black pepper milkshake. It was a little bit of a wait, but all good things take time, and I knew they were making mine to order which I totally appreciated. My veggie burger was flavor packed, had a great texture, and was juicy. A veggie burger juicy? I don't know how, but it was. It tasted fresh and wasn't heavy or greasy and the pickles and garlic mayo gave it a sour note that married nicely with the richness of the patty.

 All good things are messy.

 Bree's burger was BOMB.COM. A simple classic done right. Nicely charred on the outside and gushing moist and luscious flavors with every bite. This did NOT taste like food truck food. This is quality ish.
My beautiful Bree with her burger. Bree went with cheddar, not her namesake, LOL.

 Then the milkshake. It was creamy and refreshing and unique in flavor, but wasn't the best I ever had. I wish it was a little thicker but it was a nice treat on a hot day.

Then we got to the star of the meal, the special scallion mayo. I actually could have eaten this by the bucket load. I know it sounds kind of gross to think about bucket loads of mayo, but this isn't regular mayo. Its tangy, tasty, and bursting with flavor and while the french fries were crispy little morsels that were delicious on their own, I couldn't bare to take a bite of one without completely dunking it in the sauce. Would I like some french fries with my mayo is the new question.

 Overall, I am a BIG fan and will continue to stalk/follow and now eat everything LOS Burger Truck has to offer. Its worth the walk and the stalk so follow them on twitter and join the cult that I am proudly naming myself head of.

proud 2 be a Lucky Soul

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