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Thursday, May 10, 2012

El Jarocho

El Jarocho

Forks: 8.6
Price: $ (bang fo yo buck, MASSIVE portions, go hungree!)

1138 S. 13th St.
Philadelphia, PA

HOLA! Yes, this post is a little belated but nonetheless MUST be documented because of the amazing treasure discovered. To celebrate the holiday and have una fiesta pequeña, my wolf pack and I ventured to a Mexican spot that had been highly recommended. It was FAR. It was kind of in the middle of nowhere. And it was actually unbelievable. Located on a little corner with a vibrant awning and decor, we found El Jarocho. The food was real, and authentic Mexican, not any of that fake stuff that tries to pass off as the true thing. Chipotle and Qudeoba and kiss this place's @$$. The waitstaff was very nice and welcoming and even set us up our very own table outside to accommodate us. They did kind of forget about us a little bit, but they were so friendly and amiable that we didn't mind. We were greeted with a basket of fresh tortilla chips and a crema and a salsa verde. The crema was thick and whipped while the salsa verde was fresh and packed a bit of a punch. After the chips vanished, we literally drank the verde like soup...

To start, we ordered the steak nachos. Before our waitress even set the plate down, half of the nachos had already been demolished. I take almost full responsibility. They were piping hot and topped with refried beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa and grilled steak. It was a fiesta in our mouths. The steak was  tender yet had crisp edges, and the richness married perfectly with the tanginess of the salsa. The refried beans were full-bodied and hearty, adding a creamy element to the dish.
Now you see them....

Now you don't...

So, we were having a blast. Sipping on our jaritas (Mexican sodas) and recapping our year and making fun of each other. One of the great things about my wolf pack is that they LOOOVE to eat. Part of the reason we are able to hang out so much is because we spend so much of it enjoying food together. Its actually a requirement if you want to be my friend, so take note.

 We went with an array of entrees. Morgan got the huevos rancheros, Dre got the chicken burrito, Bree the chicken tacos, Stephanie the chicken enchiladas, Louise the chilequilas, Neesh the quesedillas, and myself the shrimp soup and a side of guacamole. I'm blanking on what B got but I remember it being good! I think it was the same chicken burrito as Dre. The plates were beautiful and were filled with colorful sauces that had a depth of flavors while still maintaining their homey and comfortable tastes. Morgs LOVED her eggs and the tortillas that came with it, and neesh really enjoyed her quesedillas.

 Dre's burrito was massive, beyond filling, and utterly delectable. It wasn't greasy, and managed to pack all the Mexican flavors we love into one bite.
And a peek inside..

 Loulou' had the chilequilas which were crispy fried tortillas topped with chicken, a green sauce and refried beans. The crispiness of the tortillas was AWESOME.

 Stephanies chicken enchiladas were out of this mundo (world). Rolled up in tortillas, shredded chicken was then topped with a crema, cheese, a green sauce and refried beans. The chicken fell apart in your mouth and the sauces were velvety and luscious. The yellow rice was well flavored and crispy on top and acted as that perfect mop to sop up all the little saucy bits.

 Bree's chicken tacos were simple, delicate and divine. The chicken was juicy and tantalizing and after Stephanie and I had finished our own dishes...well we went in for Bree's...sorry breebree.

I had the Shrimp soup, a rich tomatoey broth filled with fresh onions, lime, cilantro, and grilled pieces of shrimp. The soup was bold in flavor, yet managed to keep a light texture and note to it's broth.

 And then the guac. OH the guac. The guacamole was so good. It was just so fresh. Like we could tell that it had been made right before being served. It was simple, not packed with mix-ins, and really celebrated the natural sweetness of the avocado. YUM. Seriously, you can never have too much guac.

AND I can never have enough meals with my wolf pack. Missed you ali!
*thanks neesh for taking the pic and sacrificing your spot on the post.

tengo hambre 

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