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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lil Pop Shop

Lil Pop Shop
265 S. 44th Street,
Philadelphia, PA

You know when you walk outside and you can feel the air sticking to you? Ya, that was today. It was actually gross today and almost impossible to breathe. Its an internal struggle on one of these days. Its SO nice and sunny out and looks like a beautiful time, but as soon as you spend more then five minutes outside you need an immediate shower. Ew. On days like these we need little refreshments and pick-me-ups just to keep us from laying by the air conditioner like panting dogs.Today's pick-me-up came in the form of a pop. A lil pop, from Lil Pop Shop to be exact.

Sydney and I ventured over to find some relief from the heat and were greeted by unique and innovative flavor combinations. Mango Sriracha, Avocado Coconut, Blueberry Buttermilk; our palettes were curious and intrigued. Yes, they seemed like unusual combinations for popsicle flavors, but their colors were vibrant and their cool promise was enticing enough on their own.

Sydney went with the Cherry Lambic, a fruity beer combination, which was tart and bold and had a little bit of a fizzy after taste.

 I obviously couldn't decide so I got two, Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade and Spicy Mayan Chocolate. The Strawberry tasted exactly like my favorite pie, with a strong and sweet rhubarb flavor that showed through.

The Chocolate, however, really stole the show. It was hot and spicy and gave your mouth a crazy sensation as it deceived with every lick, claiming to be cold and refreshing yet delivering a chile after taste. It was awesome. I luv lil Pop Shop and I gotta catch em all! Pokemon reference, keep up. At $3 a pop, they're the perfect treat, so don't miss out and check it oUT.

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