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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Waverly Inn

The Waverly Inn
16 Bank St. New York, NY

REUNITED WIT MY GURLS AND IT FEELS SO GOOOD. Sorry for all the caps but I just couldn't contain my excitement. Finally,  after 4 long days, half of my pack was reunited. Yes, 4 days may seem like no time to some, but when you live with people 24 hours a day for 3 months, then it seems like an eternity. Well in New York City it was a beautiful day; nothing but blue skies and sun, and it officially felt like summa time had arrived. What better way to catch up and reunite then over some brunch? We hit up The Waverly Inn and went to town on brunch. We sat in the back garden area and were able to enjoy the beautiful day while we dined. To start my group ordered the Strawberry Scones. Now, scones have a special significance to my group. We had a minor obsession with them and when I say minor I mean we ate them twice a day every day for a two month period. Surprisingly enough, the scones at school were actually amazing, props to Ali and her scone hunting abilities, so we needed to be impressed. And when the warm strawberry scones arrived accompanied by strawberry jam and creamy butter, we were. The scones melted in your mouth, were doughy, and had a prominent strawberry flavor. Slathered with butter and jam, our mouths happily compared them to the scones of our pasts, and silently ranked them among the top.

 In classique Ali fashion, she ordered a plain, I mean plain, burger and an Arnold Palmer, her sig. drink to wash it down. Ali thoroughly enjoyed her well done, plain, burger, with absolutely nothing on it.  Actually, I will never understand. Her Arnold Palmer, was GREAT. So flavorful and refreshing, it was summer in liquid form.
Below is the meal of a picky 8 year old. Like she doesn't even like ketchup...who r u?

The Princess herself
B and Loulou split the Eggs Benedict and the Turkey Club Sandwich. WHAT A PAIR<3

The eggs were beautifully cooked, served atop a crispy seared piece of Canadian Bacon, making an honorable homage to the traditional dish. B broke the rules and started cutting before I took a pic, but that nail polish really makes the whole thing POP, don't ya think?

The Turkey Club was amazing. Firstly, it was massive. Secondly, it was just so good. The bacon was salty and crunchy, the bread nicely toasted, and the tomato brought a fresh bite to create the classic combination.
 oh YEAH

 I ordered the Grilled Vegetable Salad, a medley of grilled vegetables like corn, asparagus, and peppers tossed with radicchio and other lettuces, topped with a fresh slice of avocado and a lemony vinaigrette. It was light, well seasoned, and utterly delicious. I could have eaten plate after plate. The vegetables soaked up the fresh lemon squeeze and the presence of the fresh avocado really enhanced the dish, giving it a contrast in texture and in flavor.

The meal was delicious, obvious as we ate our plates clean. The food was classic and light and the atmosphere was garden-esque and summery and both put us in wonderful "strolling" moods. It was the perfect way to kick off a summer of munching and brunching wit my girls.

to the first of many

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