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Monday, April 30, 2012

A very Happee Hour

A while ago I ventured to Sampan and had an absolution D-lish meal. While there I learned about their happy hour, offered every day from 4-7 that features their appetizers for $2, $3, and $4, instead of the usual $7. Well, because of Ali's persistence and intense cravings for edamame dumplings, T-mar, Ali, and myself found ourselves heading downtown to test it out. We rushed to make it before 7 to get the Happy Hour specials and placed our order with 10 minutes to spare. The food was light, tasty, and totally hit the spot. ALSO, the prices were incredible, seriously, best kept secret. HIT IT UP.

*for full review:

Edamame Dumplings in a Golden Sake Broth with Peashoots
All 3 of us ordered these. SO good. Literally the texture of smooth velvet. Totally melt-in-your-mouth. $4

 Korean BBQ Beef Satay, a shortrib topped with kimchee and ginger. The meat is beyond tender, is thinly sliced and well cooked, and has a rich and tangy marinade. $4. T-mar and i lOVED.

 While not on the Happy Hour menu, Ali was persistent in getting the Kobe Beef fried rice, and after trying it myself, I could not complain. Grilled kobe beef pieces with tomatoes, scallions, and crispy shallots, the rice had a great flavor and had something to offer in every bite. One complaint: a little oily.

While I'm not a duck person, T-mar ordered the crispy duck spring rolls and found them divine. $4

T-mar and I ordered a side of the Roasted Broccoli, with pine nuts, white soy, and garlic. It was soft yet still had a crunch, but was too wet from an overdose of white soy glaze. $4

 And now, the STAR. Honestly, I liked pork. But recently I have a new infatuation with it. When I saw a Pork Banh Mi on the menu, I decided to go for it. Served on crusty bread, crispy pork belly, carrots, cucumbers, pickled red onions, cilantro, and a spicy mayonnaise made for an unreal sandwich. Yes, it looks big. And yes, I happily demolished the whole thing. Seriously, this is what you cannot skip. The pork was crispy and fatty and salty and delicious and must be tried. $4

And then, while it wasn't on the menu, we couldn't skip the signature daily soft serve. Today's flavors were peanut butter and oreo. OMG. The peanut butter was sooo creamy and rich and super smooth. Tasted like eating frozen Skippy straight from the jar.

 And then the oreo. I love oreos. This was frozen oreos. You could taste the oreo texture in every bite. Beyond good.

T-mar/Mickey Mouse/Mara/Tammy enjoying her i'scream.

hungree 4 a very happee hour

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