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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Good bye food world of Connecticut/New York/Tri-state Area, and HELLO PHILADELPHIA! That's right Philly, I'm here and I'm going to make my mark...actually more like make my bite. I'm now officially a student at the University of Pennsylvania but just because I'm a student doesn't always mean I'm eating like one...Obviously leave it to me to indulge in nice places once in a while, but besides these indulgences I've already found some awesome spots that aren't breaking my bank and are quick, easy, and totally hungree-girl worthy. So starting now, you're going to be getting a lot of Philly. Whether this means a review of my good bye fancy dinner at Osteria, beyond beyond amazing, or my new late night sandwich combination at Wawa's, you'll take what you can get and bring it to your own plate.
from my NEW philly tummy to yours,
hungree girl.

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