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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Green Eggs

Okay so honestly its a little embarrassing how little I've written since I've been at school but I'm going to get you all caught up and things are going to change #earlynewyearsresolution. I have been eating my way through Philly and am now more obsessed with this city then before.
Another new obsession? Brunch. At home, brunch wasn't a casual thing. At college here, it is. Everyone loves to brunch. Its that meal of the day thats sooner then lunch but lets you sleep in a little bit and can swing either way breakfast or lunch foods. Basically it's perfect. So I've been brunching a bunch and have found delicious little spots that I highly recommend.

Green Eggs Café
Forks: 9
Price: $$
1306 Dickinson Street, Philadelphia, PA

When my cousin and I decided to have brunch today I was excited. Obviously I was excited to be spending time with her because she's great and amazing and is a big foodie also, but I was also extremely excited just to brunch in general. As I stated, I love a good brunch. Her and her boyfriend picked me up and we ventured into the depths of downtown Philly to a little placed called Green Eggs. None of us had been but we'd heard good things and decided to give it a shot. WELL, am I glad we did or what because it was un-brunch-aleiavable and now I'm utterly and completely hooked.
Green Eggs sits on a quiet block and has open airy glass window walls that look outside. Its clean and simple and cozy all at the same time and just invites you in and begs you to to enjoy a meal. Rustic wooden tables and chairs follow the "green" vibe that the restaurant gives off which is something I love. The breakfast menu was perfect. It offered a few egg dishes, including a stacked make your own omelet and three versions of eggs benedict, a sweet section offering stuffed challah french toasts an belgium waffles and red velvet pancakes (OKAY YUM???!!), and something a little more savory like breakfast burritos, steak and eggs, and what they called the kitchen sink, along with a hearty list of sides. So basically, I wanted to order everything on the menu but I had to contain myself and stick with three things instead. I went for the breakfast burrito. Blanketed in a tomato tortilla, scrambled eggs, potatoes, roasted peppers, sausage, and hot sauce were tucked in perfectly and topped with fresh avocado, sour cream, salsa, and a black bean sauce. Loaded much? I think yes. The burrito was amazing. Tender and fluffy eggs mixed with the softly roasted vegetables and rustic warmth of the potatoes was just the best bite ever. Soaked in salsa and sprinkled with black bean puree I was having a food-gasm.

 My cousin Whitney got the same thing but no tortilla, she's a celiac, and shared my elatedness about the dish. Her boyfriend Alex ordered the classic steak and eggs and while we aren't yet on the level for me to try I was dying to because it looked delicious. Three perfectly plump poached eggs lied lovingly on a plate nestled next to a medium rare filet that looked rich and flavorful and chunky rosemary potatoes that were wafting across the table and practically pulling me towards his plate. He said it was delectable, evident from his empty plate.

We also ordered a steaming bowl of stone grits and scrapple. Stone grits were ridiculous. It was like eating a grainy creamy bowl of blankets and snow and warmth and fire. That made no sense whatsoever but think of eating something that warms your soul and then you'll know what I mean. Covered in cheese and doused in heavy cream each bite was electrifying to the core.

 Then there was the scrapple. I was skeptical at first because of what it is, pork pieces mashed with cornmeal and flour and things then fried, but I'm always willing to try anything once. It looked like a overcooked hash brown, brown and dry. But it was anything but dry. It tasted like spiced mashed potatoes, creamy on the inside with a crispy coating in each bite. Spread with strawberry jam the sweetness and savory combination was almost too much to handle...I say almost because obviously we finished it within minutes. So, I'm in love with the Green Eggs Café and will be back here to savor every meal they offer and will not rest until I've tried every dish.

being hungree is a way of life.
hungree girl.

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