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Monday, November 14, 2011


As you guys can probably guess, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Its all about the 3 F's: Family, Friends, Food. You cannot go wrong unless you mess with one of the core three. I am so excited. My mom and I plan the menu years in advance even if we aren't holding it at my house. Usually my Grandmother hosts and we have a fabulous time but this year I changed my whole family's plans because I want to be home and want to do it my style. So, this is my Thanksgiving preview.

1. Turkey, obviously, with an extra crispy skin and thick toasty gravy
2. cranberry sauce made of whole cranberries simmered in apple juice and pineapple chunks
3. Mashed sweet potatoes and bananas topped with toasted marshmallows. THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD. You may think your sweet potato dish is good, but sorry, its just not on this level.
4. Stuffing. Haven't decided what type yet. Classic bread? Corn bread? Pretzel?
5. Warm butter rolls with herb garlic butter...classic, duh
I need some kind of green vegetable but haven't gotten to it yet because I got too excited thinking about desserts...
This is where the list is about to get out of control, almost as out of control as my sweet tooth.
6. Pecan Pie: so gooey, so rich, so caramel and sticky and fantastical
7. Apple Crisp: typical fall dish, revamped with a crumbly oatmeal buttery almond topping
8. Pumpkin Pie, obviously.
9. White and dark chocolate bread pudding with raspberries: beyond insane, will fill you up for weeks
10. Upside down banana walnut cake with caramel topping.

SO, anything else? What's on your menu?

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