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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hidden Treasure?

Yes, readers. With Thanksgiving comes a hidden treasure, which hopefully you have all figured out so it isn't so hidden anymore: leftovers. LEFTOVERS. Sometimes when you hear you're having leftovers for dinner you frown, think ew, and eat lots of snacks before the meal. But this is thankfully not the case with Thanksgiving. The leftovers are an integral part of the holiday. One can make a million things with turkey left overs, like turkey soup (which I had today, so gooooood), turkey pot pie, turkey hash, and so much more. But what is that one thing that I look forward to more then anything? The ultiamte Thanksgiving Sandwich. A repeat of the big meal all packed together in one bite. I wish I could have this sandwich every day of the year...but seriously. While there are many versions I stick to a classic traditional yet OH-SO-GOOD fully packed sandwich.

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Sandwich
2 slices toasted rustic country bread (white bread is KEY)
cranberry sauce
1/2 of an avocado
turkey slices
2 leafs of fresh romaine

Assemble: Spread cranberry sauce on one slice of bread and mayo on the other. Spoon the stuffing on the cranberry slice. Thinly slice avocado and layer it on top. Then the turkey then the romaine and then the other slice of mayo coated bread. ENJOY.
*also, to spice it up make the mayo a horseradish mayo by mixing a little horseradish sauce in it, gives it a little kick

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