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Monday, November 14, 2011

itz poppin

I'm in the mood to snack. But then again, when am I not? What's my go to snack? Popcorn. My room smells of two things: hawaii from my air freshener, or popcorn. Sometimes a mixture of both. Popcorn is the perfect snack; its crunchy, low calorie, delicious, and eating it is actually an activity. When buttery salty goodness seeps from my microwave and wafts around my room, I can't help but get excited. Just the sound of popcorn makes me happy, the popping noise makes me feel like it's almost as peppy and upbeat as I am. Now let's talk popcorn logistics. At school, I'm limited. Yes I can try different varieties but I can't really experiment. Currently my room is stocked with pop secret butter and it's average but nothing special. My favorite microwavable popcorn of all time is black jewel. Jet black seeds pop into crisp snowballs of popcorn that are organic and natural and honestly perfect. Also, a tip, burn it a little. Throw it in the microwave for that extra 30 seconds and crisp it up and give it a nice smokey flavor. Personally, I prefer popcorn thats air popped on the stove. For some reason, it just tastes better. If we want to get crazy we can talk about kettle. Ugh, kettle corn, if it was a religion I would be the cult leader. Kettle corn is probably one of the best inventions on planet earth or in any galaxy. Covering salty crunchy bits of popcorn with golden caramelized globs of sugar is pure genius and is a gift from the gods above. When you get it freshly made at a fair or carnival or farmer's market you get the oozing sugar on your fingers and get to lick of the sticky bits and just THINKING about it is making me crazy right now. Literally having a panic attack in my room. While I can't get the real fresh thing all the time the bagged version by Popcorn Indianna definitely does kettle corn justice as it maintains all the sugary sweet saltiness of the fresh stuff. Caramel Corn? Chocolate drizzled popcorn? TOFFEE popcorn? I'm going to stop now before I have a coronary. Popcorn is poplin, nuff said.

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