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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Magic Carpet

Price: $
Rating: 4 forks

When I  used to think of Magic Carpet I thought of Aladdin and the song 'A Whole New World.' Now, I think of enticingly yummy all vegetarian middle eastern food which is just as good as Aladdin if not better. Magic Carpet offers sandwiches, soups, salads, sides, and daily specials. To say the least, I am a big fan. Nothing makes a better light lunch then a crispy green salad with baked tofu and a miso-ginger dressing with toasted sesame seeds. Or if you're in a savory and hearty mood go for the bella donna, the chili, or the falafel. The bella donna is a layer of brown rice and cooked vegetables, lathered with tofu meatballs in a thick red sauce, and topped with melted cheese. The meatballs are jam packed with flavor and even if you aren't a tofu fan you would thoroughly enjoy them. The red sauce that they are nestled in is so well seasoned and if I had the option I would also order a cup of it plain to eat like soup. The chili is a robust mixture of vegetables and beans and has a thick tomatoey-based broth. One has the option to top it with cheese and when given the option, it's the only option, and the melted cheddar pieces leak into the soup and add a salty tangy bite. I got my falafel served with tahini and tzatziki sauce and fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Falafel, for those of you who are unfamiliar, are balls of fried chickpeas. The crunch of the crispy outside mixed with a tasty pita and mouthwatering sauces is a party in your mouth. The contrast between the richness of the falafel and the lightness and tangy notes of the tzatziki and tahini really make for a great combination. I also recommend the grape leaves topped with the balsamic vinaigrette and everything else the Carpet has to offer. It's usually busy and has long lines but is SO worth the wait.

on 34th and Walnut
11-4, (M-F)

on 36h and Spruce
11:30-3 (M-F)

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