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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tis the season...

for POMEGRANATES. FINALLY. I know it's annoying but shouting in caps is the only way that I can truly express my excitement. In my family, pomegranates are like a religion. You wake up, you have one before school, you come home from school, you crack one open, and right before you go to bed you eat another one over a towel once you're cozied up in blankets. Seriously, we don't mess around. The average Shulman consumes 3 pomegranates on a daily basis, it's just a fact of life. Since I've been at school, I've been deprived! Where is a girl supposed to get her fill of ruby reds? She aint. Thats why as soon as I walked into my house and opened the fridge I was as excited as a kid in a candy store when I saw HUGE, MONGO, pomegranates awaiting me. (I actually hate that expression kid in a candy store because I'm not a kid and I get excited when I go into a candy store too...but hey work with me).

     Many people have different eating techniques when it comes to the lovely fruit. Some peel the whole thing and pluck out each seed and then start consuming once they've cleaned them dry. I don't have this type of restraint, however, and eat patches of shining red goodness as soon as my eyes lay sight on them. While pomegranates are utterly perfect plain, alone, solo, they also work amazingly in dishes as well. Try throwing them into a salad with arugula, toasted pecans and some salty gorgonzola cheese. Or perhaps in an icy and cooling sorbet. MMMM, the possibilities are endless.
So, from this day on until the season is over, I vow to have my fingers permanently stained pink in honor of the best fruit on the planet. Amen.

i'm 2 hungree 4 you.

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