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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Brunch Production

Hungree Girl catering is officially open for business. Yes I've done events before like birthday parties and date parties, but now its official. A few days ago my friend Connor called me and asked me to cater  a brunch for his frat and their alumni. I agreed and we decided on a menu that was actually the ultimate carb fest; the perfect meal for a long day of heavy heavy drinking. At first, I was told it was for 40 people, a pretty large number to cook for considering the size of my kitchen. Well, as the event neared closer, the number grew, to somewhere around 150. Casual, right? I set to work, staying up late the night before and rising with the sun on the morning of to ensure that these hungree people would get FRESH from the oven quality stuff. I mean, how dedicated am I? Well, 10 lbs of homemade granola, 200 blueberry and pumpkin muffins, and a giant pan of french toast bread pudding later, brunch was ready to be served. While I was skeptical/extremely nervous at first, I'm so glad I was basically forced into doing this *Thank you Connor* because I love when people who read the blog get to try some of the goods. If you had some, YAY, if you didn't, stay tuned. A surprise is coming. Look below for some pix!

 got muffins?
 some very hungree boys
 my kind of table
 the cinnamon swirl french toast bread pudding
 is this real life?

 casual saturday brunching
 hungree girl loving brunch

open 4 business!

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