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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tacos Don Memo

If you go to Penn your familiar with the lunch scene. Freshman year you feel forced to use your meal swipes and eat at the dining hall, and you have those days where the idea of eating one more Houston Salad is the equivalent to walking into a pole. Now that I'm not a freshman anymore, I've been able to ditch my dining dollars and meal swipes for some real lunch food without the guilt. At Penn, lunch is all about the food cart scene. While we all love us some Magic Carpet and Lyn's, the options are endless, and I've taken it upon myself to show you the ropes. Today I bring you lunch with a little Mexican flair. Parked on 38th and a little past Market, rests Tacos don Memo. A taco truck serving up tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tortas and tostadas, Tacos Don Memo is offering quality meats and ingredients that really make it a standout. This isn't regular food truck fare; this is authentic, delicious, and surprisingly fresh Mexican cuisine made by a native Mexican who seriously knows his stuff. After the truck opened in 2006, the owner found such success that he opened a restaurant, so not only can you get your taco fix at the truck, but at a sit down spot as well.
For some reason I was unusually hungree this day, and I was really craving something filling and hearty. My cousin Whitney was obsessed with the truck, so I decided to try it out myself. I headed on over and after deliberating for a few minutes to whether or not I could handle a massive burrito, I decided on three tacos instead, for a nice price of $7. Pick from steak, chicken, marinated pork, or carnitas. I went with one chicken, one marinated pork and one carnitas and asked for avocado on top. Minutes later I was greeted with a steaming foil package that I couldn't wait to tackle. I passed on the Mexican sodas available just cause I'm not a soda gal, but you shouldn't *they also have Coke in glass bottles and glass bottles make everything taste better*.
 Once I sat down and unbundled my treasure, my mouth began to water. I snapped these pix fast because I couldn't wait to dive in. Topped with cilantro, onions, and a special homemade sauce, these tacos were BOMB. Served on corn tortillas, they were warm, dripped meaty juices, and had a creamy fresh bite from the avocado that added a light contrast to the meaty flavors.
this is from a food truck....4 real?
The carnitas one was my favorite, the chicken was passable, but the marinated pork was intensely flavored and tenderly soft.
I couldn't believe these were out of a truck, they tasted incredibly fresh and the fact that I had 3/4 of a full avocado on the three just made me fall in love more. I want to check out the restaurant, so stay tuned. At prices of $2.50 a taco, and three for $7, you really get a bang for your buck. Next time I'm going for that burrito. Lets make every day Taco Tuesday and check out Don Memo.

38th and a lil pass Market
Philadelphia, PA

TTTET *time to totally eat tacos*

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