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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Why aren't you starting your day with Lyn's? Newsflash: TRY IT. Yes you have to wake up 7 minutes earlier, but when you get that steaming bite of bacon egg and cheesy goodness, you'll thank your lucky stars you did. I love giving people their first food experiences. Louise, my little French lady, had never tried a Bacon Egg and Cheese. I felt it was my job, no, my DUTY, as an American citizen to educate my dear friend on a large part of our culture. And Bronwen, my baby B, had never eaten from a food cart on campus until this morning. This fact had blown my mind, because I literally live off of them, and I thought I would help her in my new endeavor to make her taste every single one on campus. Well, they both enjoyed my offerings immensely. Louise is now feeling more American then ever, and B is officially a Penn student. Also, Louise just informed me that this sandwich "illuminated her rough morning." Needless to say, mission complete.
Here's a pic of mine, egg white, spinach, cheese, salt, pepper, ketchup, an sriracha on rye. OMG SO HEALTHFUL! ...nawt.

just helping the world one helping at a time

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