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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thai Me Up

If I haven't made this clear before, let me make it clear now. Thai food is my favorite type of cuisine. At home, I eat at my favorite Thai place, Little Thai Kitchen, at least three times a week. Literally I'm obsessed, and I've felt deprived since I've been at school. And then I met Nino. Nino is from Bangkok, Thailand, and Nino loves food. MY TWO FAVORITE COMBINATIONS TOGETHER! The first conversation we had was about food and we hit it off from there. Tonight, Nino and I, (mainly Nino with some sous-chef work by moi) made some Thai curry. It was a green curry base with coconut milk, eggplant, chicken, basil, and chiles which we ate over white rice. It was delicious and definitely had a kick and I'm proud to say I handled the spice well. When Nino visited home for winter break he brought back powdered coconut and special curry blends. While he says the freshly ground curry mixes and freshly harvested rice taste better at home, I think we did a pretty good job. Now I have my go-to Thai chef! And now, a recipe photo collage:

Dice the eggplant into thin rounds

 Artsy close-up of eggplant

Dice the red chillies, they add heat and a pop of color

Nino's trick: Soak the chicken in salt water so it stays moist and juicy when you cook it

Boil the coconut powder in some water, add the curry paste and fry it to release the flavors
The coconut literally smells like heaven, like someone make me a perfume of this PLEASE

Add the eggplant, chicken, chillies, and some roughly chopped basil, simmer until it cooks down and thickens, add a little water as well!

Chef Nino at work

TADA!...salivating looking at this

Ya no big deal, casual presentation

And now a closer look

And even closer.

Thai me a river

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