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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Bee's Knees

When grabbing lunch, my friend Maddie suggested that we hit up a food cart that neither of us had been to, but had heard plenty about. Tyson’s Bee, located right outside of Franklin Field on 33rd street was certainly hard to miss. It’s bright orange vibrant body covered in graffiti made it a unique standout and it’s definitely the prettiest food truck I’ve seen around campus. So, as per Maddie’s suggestion, we went to try it. I was glad when she had the idea because not only was I eager to try but I had class right across the street and was literally DYING of hunger. I mean it’s not like I eat a lot so I had total reason to be hungree right? #biggestjokeofalltime

Tyson’s Bee features innovate Korean and Thai inspired food that’s easy to eat on the go, fresh, and totally delicious. They offer a weekly curry, multiple kinds of tacos, hotdogs **shoutout to KELSEY we must try**, rice-bowls, and sandwiches. Having the appetite of a small horse, I decided to really go for it, and luckily, Maddie was feeling hungree right there with me. I ordered the Thai basil chicken over sticky rice and Maddie went with the tofu wrap. And because I always say one dish per person is never enough, we ordered 3 tacos to share: two Edamame and one Korean BBQ beef short-rib. After placing our order we were handed a playing card which was to be called when our order was ready. Seriously, how clever! (We were Queen of hearts, totally fate, because we both happen to be queens of many hearts, duh).  After a quick wait and a completely fair price tag, (all our food together was $15), we ventured to find somewhere to have our picnic.

Well, today, for whatever reason may be, seemed to be the most crowded day of the year in terms of lunch spots. Everywhere was packed. But we were two determined hungree girls eager to dig in so when we spotted an open window bench we created some makeshift chair tables and went to work on the food.

My Thai Basil Chicken was fragrant, potent, and flavorful. Hearty chunks of chicken were smothered in a vibrant creamy sauce that packed a bit of a spicy punch. Cashews were also thrown into the mix and gave the silky texture of the sauce a nice crunch. The sticky rice was also awesome, super sticky and sweet and majorly absorbent of all the flavors of the dish. Topped with some fresh basil, it was bit chin.

Maddie’s tofu wrap was light, refreshing, and the absolute perfect thing to grab and eat on the go. It had clean and crisp flavors and was full of a great mix of textures that added up to a great combination. The kimchi within the wrap really pushed it to the next level making it oh sooo good.

The tacos were simply beautiful. Served on little corn tortillas, the vibrant green of the edamame stood out in stark contrast against the white radish and the purple cabbage. The edamame ones were crunchy, tasty, and light. Also, definitely innovative, like edamame tacos from a food truck? Whodda

The short rib taco was savory and rich. The short rib had that melt-in-your-mouth quality that I just go weak at the knees for.

So it seems that after this meal and this large amount of consuming Maddie and I wouldn’t be able to move. But that was the unexpected and great surprise. We didn’t feel weighed down and like we needed to curl up on a couch. We felt revived, healthful, and like we were ready and able to be active and do something. Finally, the perfect lunch.  THANK YOU MADDIE for opening my eyes and my stomach to a new hot spot on my list.

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