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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Be Bitter

So, Valentine's Day. Sigh.  Today was a day of eating way too many chocolate dove hearts and watching couples rub their PDA in your face. But unlike some who might be bitter about the day, I chose to be the exact opposite: extra extra sweet. This could be a depressing woe-is-me post, but it AINT. What better way to celebrate the holiday of L<3VE then to provide myself with some home-baked loving? Jenna and Brette were also very down to bake and we set to work in the kitchen, baking and munching, and baking and more munching. I, being the werido I am, casually had some cookie dough in my freezer at school and traveled like little red riding hood and brought it over to Jenna's and Brette's apartment. We made quite the dessert buffet: Brette's insane chocolate chip banana bread, Jenna and Brette's famed oreo stuffed brownies, and my white chocolate chip cookies which we turned into homemade Chipwiches. Needless to say, my Valentine's Day was simply SWEET. Happy Valentines Day TO ME, and to you if you want some cookies cuz I'm loaded.

Banana Bread Batter, half went into the pan, half went into our mouths. I want to turn this into ICE CREAM.

Chef Brette mixing it up

Banana dream in it's mold.

DUN DUNNA DUN... toasted, golden, and AHH sooooo good.

Some b-e-a-utiful brownies

Yes, those ARE oreos inside. Can you say Double Stuffed?

This dough is seriously dangerous.

Crispy and DELICATE and yum.

Okay, honestly someone give me a prize.

Yes, now you want me as your valentine, I know.

HAPPY V-DAY, stay strong.

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