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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day By Day

Day By Day
Rating: 7.9
Price: $$

2101 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 564-5540

So this is a little overdue but none the less deserve STELLAR recognition. My friend Tamara and I were looking for a place to brunch (honestly its a joke how much I have this meal, i know every other post is about brunch, but HEY can't help it) and she suggested a spot she'd heard of called Day By Day. I looked up the menu, and it was extremely enticing so we made the plan to check it out. Located in a little corner of Center City, Day By Day was hopping when we pulled up. Perhaps it was it's quaint little cozy charm, it's delicious food, it's wonderful location, or it's constantly changing menu, but whatever it may be, this spot was PoPPppIN. We put our names in and were told it would be about a 20 minute wait but Tamara and I were determined to try it and passed the time eating complimentary pieces of fresh baked gingerbread. A polite and self controlled human would probably take one, maybe two if they were hungree, but they had a whole plate on the counter and I mean hey thats just asking for I did some damage. While we waited I poured over the menu and longingly stared at all the little pastries in the glass display case. Our names were called, snapping me out of my brunch haze, and we were finally seated at a nice little table for two near very spacious windows that flooded the room with light. It was such a perfect brunching day/brunching weather and I was loving it. The menu consisted of some staples as well as a very large list of specials. This morning Tamara and I were both feeling some eggs but when we saw that they had a special Stuffed Tiramisu French Toast we knew we couldn't pass it up. *Again with the french toast, I KNOW, i'm seriously addicted and need to attend FTLA (french toast lovers anonymous) but it's there and its stuffed and WHO can turn that down?!?*.  I ordered the Eggs Florentine: two beautiful poached eggs served atop sautéed spinach, roasted mushrooms, and shallots, with crispy potatoes and a creamy hollandaise sauce. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the vegetables were well seasoned, tasty, and not too moist or soggy. The potatoes were the perfect side to sop up the runny yumminess of the yolk and were lovingly salted and had great crispy skins.

Tamara got the Potato Pancakes Benedict: two poached eggs served over smoked salmon and house-made latkes topped with hollandaise sauce. She said it was egg-cellent (HAH so punny) and I love the innovativeness of replacing the classic english muffin with the latkes because latkes are just as, if not more delicious and make the perfect accompaniment to some runny yolks. Also, they served it in a smiley face. How can you not be in a good mood with a smiley face of eggs smiling up at you?

So, Day By Day features a weekly Stuffed Challah French Toast and this weeks was Tiramisu. I mean really? COME ON. The french toast was fluffy yet crispy on the top and edges and was sandwiched with a generous amount of a tiramisu mousse/pudding. It was un real. Sweet, yet not TOO sweet, as it still managed to retain a savory eggy-ness that is hard to keep when you turn french toast into a dessert paradise.
And now you understand my addiction/obsession/serious problem...

Day By Day was an extreme success and I love that they change the menu so much because there is always more to try. I'm still dying to try the baked apple pancakes and the BLT with horseradish mayo so will definitely be back, and I might, just might, have to get the weekly french toast again too.

here's a hungree toast to french toast

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