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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Definition Bento-licious

So lunch time came, and I was hungree. But, today I was in the mood to be somewhat healthy and was already tired enough so didn't need a meal that would weigh me down and would force me to take a nap. I wanted tasty and light, yet healthy(er) and filling. The food truck, Bento Box, popped into my head and the crew around me was in full support. I was the only one who had previously ventured to the Japanese food truck and was excited to introduce them to a new spot. Bento Box, located on 38th and Walnut, is a not-so-widely known food truck that deserves some recognition. The first time I went I had a great experience, quick and friendly service, great food, and kick@$$ price. The menu at Bento is simple and straightforward. You can get a hibachi meal, a teriyaki meal, or a yakiudon meal, as well as Vietnamese pho and a few sides. Each meal comes with a choice of chicken, beef, vegetable, tofu, or salmon, and is accompanied with jasmine rice, a salad with killer ginger dressing (MY FAVE), and two crispy dumplings (pictured below).

Today I went for the chicken hibachi, and they were super friendly when I requested light sauce and double salad rather then the usual rice accompaniment (health kick GO ME!)  Ali and Dre followed in suit with the chicken hibachi, Feli went with the tofu hibachi, and Nes tried the beef yakiudon, a stir fry of thick flour udon noodles with strips of tender beef and vegetables.
Feli's veggie version:

Ali, Dre and I all agreed that our chicken hibachi was great. The chicken and vegetables were well cook and well seasoned, with a salty and tangy hibachi sauce that wasn't too overwhelming or potent. Ali and Dre's meals were served with a fluffy jasmine rice that sopped up the extra sauce and married perfectly with the chicken and vegetables. The salad, while small, was fresh and crunchy and the dressing is awesome. Its that perfect ginger dressing that you crave and secretly want to ask your favorite hibachi place if you can take a few bottles home. Not only was my tummy happy, but with a price tag of $5.50, my wallet was happy as well.

Nes' yaki-udon was awesome as well. The noodles were thick and perfectly chewy, the sauce was sweet and salty and was just the right amount, the beef was tender and had great flavor, and the vegetables added a great crunch. Topped with sesame seeds, the noodles were slurp worthy, yet not too heavy or over-sauced that you felt sick.
Basically, we all lurrrved our lunch and Bento Box once again proved to be a great experience and was certainly bento-licious.

iz all about da bento baby

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