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Friday, March 23, 2012

Pod Pleaze

Forks: 6
Price: $$$

3636 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA

We all have those days when we're sad, feel a little low, and want something to pick us up yet don't feel like traveling more then 5 feet off campus. And when you're feeling REALLY low and ordering in to your room just won't do it, you know it's time to treat yourself to some Pod. Honestly, it's bizarre I haven't written about Pod and it's already March because it has gotten me through some pretty rough days and made them bearable. I think I just enjoy myself so much each time I'm there I lose myself and forget to document, so unlike me, but hey it happens. Well, me and my girls were having one of these low days when eating a chicken platter from Greek Lady in our rooms just wouldn't do it so we decided to wish ourselves *in particular our good friend Seth* happy birthday, and take ourselves out to dine in style. So, we picked ourselves up and marched our tired bodies over to Pod. For the first time ever, I got to sit in an actual pod. Just from the seating arrangements alone, I knew it was going to be a good meal. Between the uber chic modern vibe of the pod itself and Bronwen's insistence on testing out every color, all of our moods started to pick up. Somehow the feeling worn out beyond belief is always accompanied by sever hunger, and because of this unexplained link, we were all salivating like a pack of wild dogs and were eager to order/demolish everything on the menu.
Some of the pack:
 Because Ali and I are both obsessed with ginger dressing, we each started with the house salad, a mixed green salad with ginger-soy vinaigrette and some crispy things on top. It was fresh, perfectly dressed, and really delicious. A nice hearty portion, which is so refreshing since many Asian restaurants feel tiny miniature portions are okay (WHICH THEY'RE NOT) made for a perfect appetizer.

 Bronwen started with the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, a mixture of onions, bean sprouts, that was served with Bibb Lettuce Cups to hold the chicken mix as well as a plum hoisin sauce. The lettuce wraps are good, a tad saucy but good. The chicken mixture isn't chopped into minuscule pieces and remains recognizable which I appreciate.

I have a problem that when I come to Pod I am severely stuck in an order rut. I always plan on trying something new have SUCH a favorite dish that I feel like I can't order anything else because I'm too afraid to miss out on my favorite thing. Slightly pathetic, but, can't help it. So what is this favorite obsessive dish? The TNT roll; a vegetarian sushi roll filled with spicy crunchy mixed vegetables with tamago, confit tomato, and a jalapeƱo cucumber salsa.  While I'll admit I'm a bit of a sushi noob, this roll is SO good. It's crunchy, slightly spicy, sweet, salty, soft, everything sushi should be and its all vegetarian. I'm obsessed.

Dre was feeling something heavier and went with the Szechuan Lamb Chops, served with Shanghai noodles and a sesame aioli and I'm guessing she loved it because it was devoured completely.

Bronwen went with the Chicken Robata, a tokyo scallion chicken cooked at an insanely high temperature and served on a skewer. It was tender, had a beautiful glaze, and tasted deeelish.

Birthday girl Seth went with some sushi, a classic california roll and a salmon avocado roll. Now here lies the one problem with Pod, the sushi just isn't that great. Yes I'm a sushi noob but the sushi doesn't celebrate the real flavors of the fish and it seems like they're trying to cover it up.

And finally, dessert. Peanut butter and fluff spring rolls dipped in a rich dark chocolate sauce and a scoop of birthday ice cream for Seth. The spring rolls were sickeningly good, a crispy fried outside gave way to a warm gooey center of melted marshmallow and peanut buttery goodness that once dunked into the chocolate was almost too much to handle...almost. 

Well, we left full of yummy food and good spirits. The cooked dishes are very good and while the sushi isn't first rate, Pod was just the trick to revive and rejuvenate us and was just what the doctor prescribed.

sometimes Pod's just the best cure

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