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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Boat Day

    What better way to spend a day then riding the water on a boat? Let me tell you, nothing. The smell of the ocean and the salty air penetrating every pore of your body is one of the best feelings in the world. And what goes better with a great day on the boat then some great food? After cruising the waves for about an hour, I, obviously always hungree, announced that it was time for food. We rode the boat over to Rowayton and docked by the restaurant Rowayton seafood. While this place is great for a sit down meal, my crew was in the mood for a picnic on the boat so we went to the pickup seafood shack next to the main building. The little gray building looks like nothing special, but offers outstanding fresh seafood and fish and also sells some great condiments like grainy mustard and gherkins. The menu is divided into categories: steamed, cold, hot. I was feeling a little bit of all three and ordered some steamers, fried clam bellies, a cold lobster roll, and fish and chips. Yum?
     We took our goodies to the boat and set up camp. The steamers were hearty and delicious. Served with a dish of melted butter, we eagerly took turns drenching the mollusks and quickly spooning them into our mouths as to not drip. We dipped the clam bellies in a spicy, tart, and lemony tartar sauce that I could eat on its own. While I'm not usually a mayonnaisy salad person, the lobster roll was awesome. Heaped atop a very toasted sesame bun and crunchy romaine, big chunks of lobster were tossed in a light mayonnaise lemon dressing with celery. The crisp bun and the tender lobster in one bite was almost too good to handle. Then, the finale which we all voted the best, the fish and chips. A crunchy crispy yet light crust coated a thick white fish, I'm assuming cod. Dunked in the same tartar sauce as the clams and drizzled with a little bit of lemon these were definitely some of the best fish and chips I've had. Fries were crispy but nothing too special. I'd say it was a pretty solid lunch.

Stay hungree!
Hungree Girl.

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