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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little Thai Kitchen

Rating: 5 forks
Price: $$
Service: Excellent
Cuisine: Traditional Thai

Little Thai Kitchen, or LTK as other obsessed people like me call it, is a hidden gem. LTK is some of the best thai food I've ever had. SO GOOD. The restaurant is quaint and clean and the flavors are crisp and refined. Its totally casual and is my go to place. The menu is broad and ranges from light soups and salads to hearty noodle dishes and curries. The Tom Kaar soup is a traditional thai chicken coconut soup and is honestly like sipping heaven. Its creamy yet thin coconut broth boasts a thick flavor that won't weigh you down. Pieces of shredded chicken, whole cherry tomatoes, and miniature shitake mushroom caps add texture and infuse even more of a bite into this flavor packed dish. This soup warms my soul and every time I take out food I order AT LEAST 3 extra to demolish the next day for lunch, snack, and dinner. Another appetizer highlight are the Po Pia Sod, or vegetable cold rolls. Fresh cut vegetables get wrapped in rice paper and dipped into a peanuty glaze. Sprigs of mint and cilantro folded between the veggies accent the freshness of the dish and give it a little punch. I also die for the Thai Minced Chicken, LTK's version of lettuce wraps. Minced chicken is served spiced with curry and mixed with cashews and crunchy celery and carrots. You get a heaping plate of iceberg lettuce and you're ready to go. A bit messy, yes, but asking if its worth it is honestly a waste of words. Moving on to heavier dishes. Eating the Chicken Pad Seew is basically a trip to a huge comfy and cozy bed for your taste buds. When I see the plate heading towards my table, I literally go weak at the knees. Piled high atop a ceramic dish is a heap of wide rice noodles, with tender pounded chunks of chicken, and cooked vegetables all tossed in a  brown glaze that is both sweet, salty, and totally delicious. Then there is the Big Bowl Noodle Soup. If you didn't infer from my paragraph about the coconut soup, I love soup and could and do live off of it. The Big Bowl Noodle soup can be made vegetable, chicken, shrimp or beef, but I, being complicated, get chicken and vegetable mixed. This soup is a layer of flavors and is so complex as in every spoonful you taste a new spice, hitting every taste bud in your palette. Al dente rice noodles, bean sprouts, heaps of vegetables, and chicken fill the giant bowl. Its legitimately like drinking a goblet and I can proudly say that I rarely leave my goblet with a drop. Now I could go into great detail on every item of the menu but I'm literally starting to drool so am going to let you try it for yourself. I do highly recommend the Mango Chicken, the Thai Beef Salad, and every other single thing on the menu.

LTK is definitely yummy in my tummy worthy.

Little Thai Kitchen
21 St. Roch Ave
Greenwich, CT

Always and Forever Hungree.
Hungree Girl.

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