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Saturday, January 21, 2012

City Tap House

I am very lucky to go to school with my brother. First semester he was abroad, living it up in Australia, but now he's back and I'm VERY excited. I'm excited for a few reasons: 1, he's fun and likes to have a good time, 2, i missed him, and 3, now I have another person to eat with because Jake is always D2E (down to eat, duh). The funny thing about Jake, however, is even though he's D2E, he has the metabolism of an 8 year old. Basically he can really pack it away and it's just not fair. Anyways, whats a better way to commemorate a semester filled with delicious foods then with a brunch? I knew that brunch would be a big surprise because its not like I ever talk about it, right? Jake suggested we hit up the Tap House, a spot right on campus. I've been for dinner before and wasn't in love but was willing and ready to give them a chance for brunch. Located upstairs with lots of glass windows, the Tap House is spacious and upbeat yet still manages to have a warm and comfy atmosphere. I was in a light mood so I ordered the spinach salad. The salad was beautiful and fresh, made up of spinach leaves, roasted butternut squash pieces, bacon, radishes, fresh cranberries, and dressed with a sherry vinaigrette. The tart bite of the fresh cranberries really complemented the richness of the squash and the heartiness of the bacon. It was simple, elegant, and used fresh seasonal ingredients, something I'm very fond of.

Jake went with the margherita pizza. The crust was thin yet still maintained a little bit of doughiness that absorbed the sauce perfectly. What makes something as a simple as pizza good is the quality of ingredients. I could tell that the Tap House believes this as well as the tomato sauce tasted extremely fresh and had that fresh-off-the-vine taste.

Since two plates is never enough I took it upon myself to order us the brisket hash. A massive flat cake of browned potatoes topped with two sunny side up eggs and steaming pieces of brisket greeted us warmly. As soon as it touched the table we both stopped eating our own dishes and quickly attacked our communal plate, fighting over pieces and pulling the plate closer to each of our sides. It was simply delicious. The potatoes were brown and crispy and had great texture, just the way I like them. The brisket was smokey and tender and with a piece of potato and a dip of runny egg yolk, we both didn't touch our own plates again until we demolished every bite.

Needless to say, it was a perfect way to kick of my eating adventures with Jake and look forward to hearing about him a lot because there are many more food trips involving him to come.

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