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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Continental Affair


forks: 6 --> NOT a complete review
price: $$

1801 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Continental is a restaurant that I'd heard a lot about. "OMG THA LOBSTER MAC AND CHEESE!" "OMG CONTINENTAL BRUNCH!" Ya, those are some of the things I've heard. Recently while watching "The Best Thing I Ever Ate: With Chopsticks" I was delighted to see that Anne Burrell chose the Crispy Calamari Salad with soy-sesame dressing from Continental as her "best thing". Okay if Anne Burrell picked this salad, then it must be good. So, I was determined to check it out and try the salad for myself. Kelsey joined me as we ventured downtown on our lunch adventure. ***BTW, Kelsey's new name is Munchin Mama as she is my ever present very hungree sidekick and deserves a name of her own*** Continental, as its name suggests, is serving up cuisine from all over the globe. From Indian inspired Kafta kabobs, to French onion soup dumplings, this menu is all over the place and definitely has a little something for everyone. But, I was on a MISSION for that salad, and when I'm on a mission there is no stopping me, even though those dumplings and that famous mac n cheese was pulling at me with four arms. Stay strong, HG. Kels *MM from now on* and I were seated in the swinging chairs on the second floor and got a nice view of the restaurant. When swings are an option, you take swings.
It was hip, trendy, lounge-bar chic and had drawn in a business savvy crowd for lunch.

We ordered and were served shortly thereafter. Prompt, I like. My salad was beautiful. A vibrant mix of lettuces mixed with carrots, sprouts, tomatoes, crispy calamari and a soy-ginger dressing, it looked beyond promising. The salad was VERY good. The hot crispy calamari gently wilted the lettuces, and the contrast between the two was a treat for the tastebuds. Dressing was also awesome. The calamari absorbed the dressing, giving it a pump in flavor, but also making it a little soggy. It was a very good salad, but was it the best thing I've ever eaten with chopsticks? No. Come on Anne Burrell, this is your fave?
So crispee baby

MM went with the tuna melt. I don't know if we've ever talked about me and tuna. I love tuna plain, love tuna seared, love raw tuna, but give me tuna fish and I'll hurt you. Its one of the only things I won't eat, and I won't go into it because I don't want to put you off, so lets just leave it at that. MM is a BIG fan however, so I trust her tuna palette. The tuna melt arrived looking like a very chic sandwich, with tuna, tomato and gruyere cheese on little pieces of rye bread and a healthy portion of french fries. MM didn't love, she said the tuna bit just wasn't great, and she's had much better. The fries were good, well salted and perfectly fried, but the melt was melting with disappointment.
Alright. So I did enjoy Continental, my salad was very good and the atmosphere was very cool. I consider this review incomplete until I try brunch, the mac and cheese, and some other items of the menu. If you're a big Continental fan, INSTRUCT me, tell me waz good because I want to love this place.

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  1. omg munchin mama!!! i love it. seriously the coolest nickname ever!!!

  2. I love continental. Go back for dinner, and get the lobster mac n cheese which is the best. I think it's made with orzo. They have these good onion soup dumplings and much more that I love. Obviously the lobster mac n cheese wont be as a healthy a choice as the salad but soooo worth it.

    1. I have to go back and try your suggestions! onion soup dumplings sound AMAZING.