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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Haute and About in the Hamptons

So this past weekend I spent some time in the Hamptons, specifically Bridgehampton, and me and my girls hungree-ily munched our way through the town. I had to share some food finds with you all incase you find yourself in the area, because these are some spots you cannot pass up. The food was fresh, simple, and elegant and above all just plain GOOD. So hit these hot spots up and point your hungreeness in the right direction.

1. Loaves and Fishes: While I never got to venture inside, I did get to taste their divine offerings and all I can say is if I ever do get to go inside, I will do beyond serious damage. Although they are famous for their extremely overpriced lobster salad, I've also heard of them from Barefoot Contessa *AKA MY IDOL* and her constant visits there. All their pastries are 2D4 but my favorite thing we tried were the raspberry muffins. Fluffy yet dense, these muffins boast fresh raspberries and a streusel crumble topping. Walking downstairs to a plate of these is the best wake up call in the world. If you don't believe me ask Bronwen who will probably pass out from excitement at the sight of these. ALSO don't pass up a slice of the almond cake.

 raspberry delight

the aftermath...
 2. The General Store: Everyone needs a go-to sandwich place whether its to munch on their favorite classic or to try something new. The shopfront has an array of not only sandwiches, but yummy cold prepared salads and home baked cakes as well. Don't skip the turkey meatloaf sandwich with Peter Lugar sauce and the yellow cakes with chocolate frosting.
 Chicken Curry Wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.
 3. ANY farm stand: This is more of a general note but these farm stands are popped up all over the roadsides. Right now is PRIME berry season, so, get your fill. Seriously these berries make the ones at any grocery store look totally gross.
 4. Hampton Chutney: Ali and Boppy had been talking about Hampon Chutney's Dosas since the moment we arrived at their house. A thin crepe like pancake that gets stuffed with fillings and vegetable and sauces, a dose is a typical Indian dish. Hampton Chutney is serving these massive dosas up right, from a classic chicken curry to more American influenced ones filled with chicken, goat cheese, and tomatoes. They are accompanied by house made chutneys ranging from mango, cilantro, tomato, and peanut flavors. I recommend the chicken curry with roasted tomatoes, roasted onions, and spinach with mango chutney and a side of masala (spiced potato curry mixture). These dosas be rocking. I know they look big and you think you won't be able to finish one, but trust me, you will.
a peek inside
a side of masala

 5. Levain Bakery: Last but not least...okay stop no I can't even joke with this one because they are anything BUT last, they are FIRST. Just looking at these pictures is asking for food-gasms. Levain bakery is home to their deservingly famous cookies. Serving up Walnut Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, and Dark Chocolate, these cookies are honestly the best things I've ever eaten. They're thick, and toasty on top, and cakey and doughy and every other amazing adjective associated with the best cookie you can think of. Think of eating your favorite cookie, feed it some steroids, and this is the result. Don't skip: ALL OF THEM.
walnut chocolate chip
because we all know one is never enough
The weekend has left me hungree 4 more! My new mission in life is to recreate the Levain bakery cookies, so stay tuned as I try to perfect these pieces of perfection. To all of these spots, I will be back.

hoppin 'n hungree

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