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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pure Fare

We are in the midst of a health revolution. People are becoming conscious of what not only goes into their bodies, but what goes into their food as well. Its all about organic and natural ingredients that make us just feel better. Leading this revolution in Philadelphia, is a little spot by the name of Pure Fare, which offers food along the lines of what its name suggests. With a current location in center city on 21st  and a food truck on our own Penn campus *wooot wooot* Pure Fare is not only leading this health kick, but is doing so firmly, planting its organic roots all ova dis citay. First turned on to Pure Fare by a friend who’s obsessed with their vegan frozen yogurt *thank you Ms. Kringstein*, I’m now addicted to everything they have to offer. Their array of pre-made salads, sandwiches, snacks, soups, frozen yogurts, and custom juice bar make it hard to get the same thing once. They are using vegetables and gluten-free flours in ways I never even imagined, for instance, check out their cauliflower margarita pizza, their cauliflower curried rice, and their sandwiches on quinoa bread for a inspiring take on food that's not only super healthy, but TASTES good too. Lets look at what I’ve tasted:

Cauliflower Margarita Pizza: The “crust” of this pizza is not a flour crust at all, but is made of some kind of mashed cauliflower mixture. The texture is totally interesting and the flavors are bold, making for a killer combo.

Zucchini Ribbon Salad: This is my favorite. Zucchini strips mixed with edamame, red peppers, some herbs and a delectable vinaigrette, this salad is light, tangy, and extremely refreshing. I could eat this vinaigrette like soup. You think ew, but try it then call me if you feel differently. I expect no phone calls.

Curried Cauliflower Rice: The “rice” is actually cooked cauliflower pressed through a ricer, sheer genius. It’s light in texture, yet filling in body and will keep you satisfied til dinner. The curry spice gives a nice kick too that marries nicely with the coconut milk that its cooked in.

Carrot Miso Sandwich: I was a little skeptical about the bread not being typical “bread” but I hardly noticed. Packed with a miso spread and fresh veggies like tomatoes, avocado, sprouts and bok choy, it was light and flavorful and the graininess of the bread even added to the sandwich.

Roasted Sweet Potato Soup: This is comfort in a cup. An intense broth that has strong flavor notes, this tastes like your sitting by a cozy fire.

Israeli Chopped Salad: A classic sans lettuce salad with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and chickpeas, this salad is light, clean, and simple and makes for the perfect rejuvenating pick me up lunch.

Raw Brussel Sprout Salad: Shaved raw Brussel sprouts in spicy mustard dressing with raw cashews, carrots and oranges, this is tasty but definitely not my favorite. The tastes and textures are interesting, but the orange kind of throws it off.

Wheatberry Salad: Wheatberries with beets, butternut squash and raw kale in a honey sesame dressing, I wanted to LOVE this but I didn’t. The dressing was lackluster in flavor and didn’t serve a purpose. I’d like it better with a stronger bolder miso dressing perhaps, or just a more intense version of the sesame one already on it.

The FRO-YO: This vegan fro-yo is With rotating flavors from chocolate coconut to vanilla cashew to peanut butter and beyond, I love them all. It’s got all the creaminess of regular frozen yogurt and might even be a more dense, yet it leaves you feeling light. Go for the swirl. ALWAYS go for the swirl. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?

Others: Greek Salad, simple, good, not anything WOW. Green Goodness soup, leafy green tasting but also really yummy. My friends tried the tunafish sandwich and weren't fans. Smoothies are GREAT.

Alright, so as you can see, I’ve tasted my fair share of Pure Fare items, and I’m a big fan. When the truck opened less then a block away from my house, needless to say I was THRILLED that I wouldn’t have to make the trek downtown. The truck, however, needs a little work. The menu is very small, and you either like the stuff or you don’t. 
 The bananas set outside were way overbrowned which is not the most welcoming thing either. What I did get however, the Mexican Chicken Salad, was still great and just as good quality as the other stuff in the store. Filled with sweet potatoes, black beans, avocado, corn, peppers, jicama, grilled chicken, and a chili vinaigrette it was extremely tasty. Highly recommended.

Its all about the options baby so keep em coming. Also, if you get a fro-yo machine in there I might have to move due to fear of overconsumption. **By that I mean PLEASE get one.** SO, hats off to Pure Fare for keepin it fresh, keepin it real, and keepin it healthy. Check Pure Fare out and join da movement ya'll.

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