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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


forks: 5.7
price: $

102 S. 21st St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Yes, this post is a little overdue, but nonetheless needs to be shared. We all know that my favorite meal on the planet is a simple roast chicken, crispy skin, and tender meat mmm. Even though roast chicken is one of the easiest things to make, its hard to find a place that not only makes it right, but that just makes it plain and simple. My pal, T-Mar, feels the same way, and we've bonded over this roast chicken passion, determined to find one worthy of becoming "our spot." Lulu also told me she started liking me more when I told her roast chicken was my favorite food...the things food does... WELL N-E-wayz, it just so happens, I found a spot in Philly thats serving up beautiful rotisserie chickens with a variety of sides that will make your mouth water. I introduce, Rotisseur, French for rotisserie, le duh, a small spot in Center City where one can get a nice dinner or quick lunch of a classic roasted chicken. The chicken is pretty juicy with a browned skin *not crispy :(*, and while its not THE best I've ever had its definitely good and will totally suffice while I'm not eating my mom's famous one at home. Pick from a selection of portion sizes that come with sides or one of their sandwiches and you're setting yourself up for a meal of total comfort.
For a hungree person, I recommend the half chicken. Yes, it sounds ambitious and big, but its the perfect amount, and comes with two sides.
Lulu and Syd who got the 1/4 found it to be not filling enough.
here is a 1/4: just not enough
 Syd with her pickled vegetables and 1/4 chicken:
 Close up:
Syd and Lu after total domination, aka GO WITH HALF
I had a side of roasted vegetables and kale chips, The vegetables were nicely roasted yet still maintained a solid crunch, and the kale chips, while being well seasoned, were too oily.
toooo much oil up in here
Lulu got a side of the Mac and Cheese, which was more baked then cheesy, a little dry for my taste, but it was no doubt good and had a nice crispy top.
Syd got the pickled vegetables. They were my favorite side. A nice array of vegetables had a more then mild pickle that offered crunch and a nice zing that was a nice flavor contrast to the main chicken.
Then we get to my favorite thing of the meal, Tamara's chicken Banh Mi; roasted chicken with pickled onions, cilantro, and some kind of delicious sauce on a crusty roll. The roll wasn't the best thing ever, but the filling inside was awesome. Killed it with the flavors and the chicken got an extra boost of moistness from the sauce. YUM.
So, my opinion. Rotisseur is a good spot for what it is, a place to get a classic roast chicken. Some sides are better then others, but the chicken is better then average and will definitely satisfy your roast chicken craving, a craving that pangs me nearly every day of my life #hungreegirlprobs. Try the chicken plain, but also opt for the Banh Mi, totally the way 2 go. 
Me and T-mar in celebration of roast chicken:

i <3 roast chicken

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