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Sunday, June 17, 2012


price: $$
forks: 9

44 S. Regent St.
Port Chester, NY

I've been avoiding writing this post and I'm not really sure why exactly. I think its because sometimes when something is SO good and SO special I'm afraid I can't capture it in a post. But, sigh, it is worth a try because Piero's is a secret that cannot be contained. Me, my family, and all of my friends *specifically lolo who showed me this joint, LOLO THANK YOU* agree that Piero's is the best Italian restaurant among Greenwich, Rye, Port Chester, and Stamford. Piero's is a hole-in-the-wall place that is your classic Italian spot serving up homey real Italian fare. Everyone is friendly, Italian, and happy to re-fil your wine glass the second it looks less then half full. And then there is the food. UGH the food. We came to celebrate Father's Day, dad's choice restaurant obvi, and as always the food was impeccable. The food tastes of homemade Italian LOVE.

To start we got the classic Mussels in a Red Sauce. The mussels are tender, the sauce is tangy and vibrant yet has a rich and hearty tomatoey undertone. I get these mussels every time I come, which is often, and they are always amazing. This is sop-worthy spoon sipping broth to the max so get that crusty bread ready to dip.
 One of the nightly specials was a Stuffed Red Pepper filled with cheese, portobello mushrooms, and proscuitto. This was melt-in-your-mouth status, with oozing cheese pouring out as soon as the pepper was cut into. The portobellos bring an earthy richness and the proscuitto brings a salty note that are all enhanced by the killer broth. Once again, the broth is drinkable. Seriously Piero's kills it with the sauces.
 Our final starter was the Asparagus Gratin, siple roasted asparagus topped with a roasted crispy parmesan in a light olive oil butter and lemony coating. Simple and light, iz delish, but not my favorite.
 And now the entrees: This is where Piero's puts every other Italian restaurant around the area to shame. Read on please. My Dad is a biiiig Chicken Scarpariello fan, and this one is awesome. Served on the bone or boneless (your choice) tender pieces of chicken are mixed with hot and sweet peppers, a hearty sausage, and a slightly spicy sauce. Its rustic and YUM-ME.
 My Mom went with the breaded bone-in veal chop accompanied by an arugula and tomato salad. The chop was succulent and juicy, and got a nice kick from the acidic balsamic dressing that dripped into it from the salad.
I went with the Chicken Marsala but added artichoke hearts to it. The same tender chunks as the scarpariello, the chicken is covered in perfectly cooked mushrooms and a marsala sauce that will have your tastebuds singing. Think liquid velvet, beyond dreamy. 
JJ went with the favorite Penne Vodka. Piero's is makin this bad boy right. Homemade pasta smothered in a creamy sauce that boasts generously sized bacon bits, tomatoes, and onions, its by far one of the best I've ever had. More creamy then tomatoey, it tastes like your wrapping yourself in a cashmere blanket.

Alright. I confess. This is the reason I haven't posted about Piero's, because I have some irrational fear that they will run out of the Chicken Parmesan. I'm going to keep this love note short and sweet, but once you taste this chicken parm you won't want to eat it anywhere else. Pounded thin but not TOO thin, enveloped with a lavish amount rich tomato sauce, and topped with broiled-to-perfection melty cheese, this chicken parm takes my breath away. THIS is what I miss when i'm at school and I can say confidently its one of my favorite dishes made by any restaurant. Its embarrassing how much I talk about this, seriously. 
 like come awn...ITS NOT FAIR !

Now that you know the secret, I suggest you go to Piero's. Keyword: suggest. Yes, I could implore, and yes, I could beg, but I see no use in trying to convince you further because these photos and words of love should be enough. Plus, I'm still afraid that you'll somehow make all the chicken parm disappear and don't want to push you because I'm superstitious #hungreegirlfears

piero's please

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