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Sunday, December 18, 2011

HG hits PB

Thats right. Hungree Girl hits Palm Beach. Palm Beach, Florida, is the land of pastels, beaches, the elderly, and some really good food. To me, PB means tons of fresh seafood and lots of clean and light flavors. We always hit some GREAT spots when down here so look for new posts!! Now that first semester and finals are over, all I will be doing down here is beaching, baking, and cooking. Also, now that I'm reunited with my lil bro JJ, he has decided to be my sous chef in our culinary adventures over break. On our goal list? A homemade gingerbread house (dough in the fridge chilling right now), some holiday sugar cookies, homemade jelly beignets, oreo cupcakes, and some latkes. Eclectic list, I know. So, make sure you check for updates!

holiday break calls for hungree-ness.

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