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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Welcome to my new home...

AND ITS DONE. ! Finally, after all of the hard work and effort, my house is finished. And honestly, I'm ready to move in. Its perfect, 100% edible, and suuuuuper sweet, just the way it should be. I decorated half and the other half was decorated by JJ, the sous chef/birthday boy. I went with a pattern technique of some sort and threw in a few flowers for good measure. Obviously I'm extremely anal and an obnoxious perfectionist so my side kinda reflects that. JJ's strategy? Put as much candy on as possible so when you eat it every bite is sugar filled. Also, I'm pretty confidant more candy went into JJ's mouth then on the house all together, but hey, that's half the process as well. I like where his heads at. It was a fun afternoon activity, blasting some Weezy and T-Swift as we decorated and snacking all the way through. So, enjoy pictures at literally every angle. I'm a proud architect, what can I say?

**TIP: Make sure the icing is EXTRA thick because it sucks when it starts to droop down and is too thin so nothing will stick.**

JJ's Sides


The decorators

Do holidays the hungree way.

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