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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This past Sunday I ventured to RX with my cousin Whitney and friend Ali. Now, I had never been past 42nd, so hiking up to 45th was quite the trek. It was a beautiful morning, light jacket weather, and I was ready for a good brunch to complete a relaxing weekend. Whitney raved about RX so I was really excited to give it a shot. We arrived to a corner cafe with airy windows and lots of light. The place was packed and we put our name in for a table and waited 10 minutes outside, but the weather was gorgeous and the company good so it wasn't a problem. RX hosts cozy wooden tables that make for an intimate yet relaxed atmosphere. As I scanned the menu my classic decision making problem kicked in and choosing what to get was like pulling teeth. It was a small menu that boasted a well rounded variety of brunch items, from omelets and poached eggs, to pancakes and french toast, to savory huevos ranchers and steak and eggs. I ordered the special daily fritata, with sweet corn, squash, and zucchini topped with a hollandaise sauce and served with a mesclun salad. The fritata was light and eggy and the corn gave it a really sweet bite. The hollandaise sauce was the perfect topper adding a smooth savory element to contrast with the crunches of zucchini and squash. My one complaint, it was a little cold, not as hot as I would have liked.

In classic Whitney style she went with the steak and eggs. A fried egg served alongside medium cooked steak and toasted tortilla chips doused in a house made salsa. When I topped the chip with a piece of egg, a bite of steak, and a little salsa, the combination created a harmonious symphony in my mouth. The steak was really well seasoned and stood strong on its own as well, something I find important.

 Ali went with the chocolate pancakes. Its not a real breakfast unless someone orders them, so it was only fitting. They were beautiful. Well sized, feathery and fluffy, they melted in my mouth. The chocolate chips were large milk chocolate ones and tasted as if they were scattered with love.

As always, one dish per person wasn't enough so we ordered two sides: french fries and scrapple. The french fries, THE FRENCH fries. They were insane. I don't know the trick they had to have been double fried or something but they were super crunchy yet not dry. Somehow they retained a moist interior while having the crispiest crunchiest coating I've ever experienced. They tasted like onion rings almost, a hint of garlicy oniony something I couldn't put my finger on. Seriously, get two orders.

 The scrapple was served with side of apple butter. The rich flavor of the savory scrapple was complemented amazingly by the fruitiness and spreadable texture of the apple butter.

It was a great meal, I'll definitely be back, and definitely go try!

Hopelessly Hungree

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