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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Honey's Sit n Eat

Honey's Sit n Eat
Style: Jewish and Southern comfort food
Price: $$
Forks: 9.3
800 N. 4th street

Surprise surprise that today I went for brunch. Today, however, was a very special occasion. My brother Jake, who's been abroad in Australia since July, came back to campus today for a short visit. This celebratory occasion obviously called for a celebratory meal, duh. So, we decided to check out Honey's Sit n Eat, a place that has continuously gotten rave reviews. Jake and I, plus Ripka, journeyed downtown to check out Honey's. Set on a small corner we could already tell that Honey's was packed. Groups waited on benches outside clearly eager to get into the colorful restaurant that had amazing smells wafting around the block. We put in our name and was told that it was going to be 30 minutes wait, tough, but we dealt with it. When we were finally called we legitimately ran inside, so ready to get a taste of everything we were smelling outside. As we walked to our table I was having minor panic attacks as I checked out everyone's food I passed and was having palpitations out of pure excitement. Honeys is a mix of Jewish and Southern styles, two styles I wouldn't have put together before this meal but now can clearly see why. After much deliberation, I ordered the brisket omelet with spinach and caramelized onions, a side of grits, and a biscuit. The omelet's flavors were great. Brisket? Whodda thought? The onions were soft and delicious and the brisket added a smokey savory flavor that you don't usually get with your eggs. The biscuit was thick, buttery and delicious. Crunchy on the top and the bottom and doughy in the center I slathered it in a berry jam and went to town. The grits were creamy and smooth and once seasoned with a little brown sugar and maple syrup were dreamy and soft. They were like eating melted clouds, or liquid pillows. Weird analogy but go with it.

Jake got the Croque Madame special, french toast with ham, topped with another piece of french toast and two sunny-side-up eggs. It was served with a micro green salad with some fresh cherry tomatoes. I'm so glad he ordered it because I was DYING to try the french toast. Dampened with a thick maple syrup, the challah french toast was crusty on the edges and top, and fluffy and light in the inside. Combined with a salty piece of ham and the runny yolk of the egg the dish was just the right mix of sweet and savory. It was demolished.

 Ripka went with the turkey club minus the bacon. Don't get me started on taking out the bacon, but hey it wasn't my sandwich. The turkey was freshly cut in thick hearty slices, the kind of turkey that you wished every deli you went to had. It was piled high in a generous heap and against the crisped multigrain toast it really held its own. Also, good fries, very good fries. Thick and potatoes, soft kind, not crispy how I usually like them, but very very good.

 We also got some latkes for the table, a little of that Jewish influence coming through. The latkes were thick, crispy, and awesome. I dipped mine in jam and ugh, so good. This was one of those meals that you're so full it takes you a while to move afterwards, like one where you go home and take a nap as soon as you reach your room. Like the name suggested, we sat and we ate, and it was amazing. SO worth the wait, I will be back asap and will go with a bigger group so I can try more things on the menu. VISIT FOR SURE!

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