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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Golden Steamer

Price: $
Forks: 9

The Golden Steamer
143A Mott St.
New York, NY 10013 (Chinatown)

What’s white or yellow, shaped in a ball, and holds inside the best surprise in the world? If you guessed Chinese Steamed Buns then YES, you are correct. But, chances are you didn’t. A ball of doughy goodness that cradles a variety of enchanting fillings, steamed buns, when made properly, are above and beyond delicious. 
It was a random craving for these lil babies that led me and my friend Kimberly down to Chinatown for our lunch break. Actually, scratch that, it was more of a mission. Kimberly had visited the Golden Steamer before, and promised me some of the best steamed buns I’d ever have. My hopes were high. Smack on the border between Chinatown and Little Italy, The Golden Steamer is that hidden treasure that while appears to be seemingly passable on the outside, is a spot that you cannot only not pass by, but that you must make a destination. Ya it doesn’t look like much, but I’m telling you, looks lie. 
I let Kimberly, ***who happens to be in love/minorly obsessed with Chinese food***  order our lunch. We settled on three buns: one pork and vegetable, one red bean paste, and one pumpkin. Handed to us within seconds were little parchment bags stuffed with warm squishy pillows. We started with the pork and vegetable. I bit into the fluffy dough of the bun only to be greeted by a rich and well seasoned filling of pork goodness. It was savory, a little smoky, and totally divine. The bun itself was light, and pillow-like and in my version of heaven pillows will now be made of steamed buns. 
Next we broke into the red bean paste bun, and dark granite colored paste oozed from the center. Its flavor was as rich as its color; sweet, and slightly peanutty with an almost candied aftertaste. The smooth yet faintly grainy texture of the paste brought a welcome contrast to the fluffy plumpness of the bun. 
Finally, bun three: the pumpkin. I have to admit I was dreading diving into this one because that meant that after it was gone we’d be done #hungreegirlproblems. Instead of the milky white color of the previous two, this bun was a perky light yellow. Solemnly, I split it in half, revealing the vibrant orange of a pumpkin puree that I swear was calling my name. The puree was naturally sweet and rich and tasted like the Asian breakfast version of pumpkin pie. It was fantastically creamy and thick; not-so-slowly devouring it was a blissful experience. 
clooooseee up
So, steamed buns have now been added to my list of obsessions, and The Golden Steamer is now my not-so-secret spot.  Also, the buns are incredibly cheap, about $.85 each and will fill your tummy without emptying your bank. Kimberly, I owe you presents for this one. 

bun for the money

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