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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Urban Lobster Shack (food truck)

Urban Lobster Shack Food Truck
Price: $$
Forks: 6.5

find 'em on twitter: @urbanlobster

It's official. I've joined the work force, kinda. I am now a workin gal commuting into NYC by day, and tiredly dragging myself back to G-Wich by night. Gone are my lazy poolside days. I've traded them for WORK. Welcome to the real world me. Incase you're curious, work is good. But I don't want to talk about work right now, because I've been grilled by every member of my family already. I want to talk about my favorite part of my day: lunch. My lunch break to me is a day off of work for someone else. It rejuvenates me, replenishes me, sends me ready to tackle those databases with full force throttle. There are so many options to choose from and while I already have a list about 7,089 restaurants long, I find new ones every day. Take today for instance. It was freeekin HOT outside and I needed a break.  Kimberly (another intern) and I came across the Urban Lobster Truck that was serving up cold lobster rolls. Bingo.
Pick from a classic, an old bay seasoned, an Asian influenced, a garlic scampi, a chive roll, a west coast roll with avocado and tomato, and a lobster BLT roll. Woah. We got one Old Bay and one Scampi and split them and had a nice summer lunch in the park. They were really good, not newsworthy, but they hit the spot on a hot day. There was a good bun to lobster meat ratio, but the lobster was frayed into little pieces. Yes there were a few chunks but I want to see some REAL BIG pieces of claw and ish. Ya hear? The Old Bay was classic lobster salad topped with an old bay spiked mayo. It was tangy and tasty, but I wish it was mixed in with the actual lobster instead of just being a topping.

The Scampi was garlic and buttery perfection, with a little of the garlic mixture rubbed on the bun underneath the lobster salad making for a light blanket of sauce that soaked the bun exquisitely and gave you a flavor kick from every angle of the bite.
The perfect lunch for a hot day. See this is why lunch breaks are so great. My lobstah roll made me temporarily forget my city background and sent me sailing to the shores of the beach. If only...#workinggirlproblems. More lunch time chronicles to come. And a note to the Asian inspired lobster roll: I'm coming for ya.
lobstah luv

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