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Monday, July 9, 2012

Walters Hot Dog Stand

Walters Hot Dog Stand
Price: $
forks: 8.9

932 Palmer Ave, Mamaroneck, NY

I live in the woods so everything is far, but Mamaroneck is REALLY REALLY far. Once in a while, however, I make the trek for one reason: Walters Hot Dog Stand. Leading me on all these treks is the Queen of Hotdogs herself, Paige. Now if you think you like hotdogs, meet Paige and then reconsider how much you like them because I guarantee she likes them more. On my most recent trip, me, Paige and Karly, headed to the promised land to grab some lunch. Walters, put simply, is the best. The hot dogs are extremely addicting and once you eat one you'll want at least five more. The dog menu consists of a single dog, a double dog (two dogs in one bun), and a puppy dog (a mini hot dog that is so cute). These hotdogs taste like America. They're rich and tasty, almost buttery if you will, and sit atop a fluffy bun that happily soaks up the dog's juicy goodness. Paired with a homemade creamy mustard and classic ketchup, you'll literally find yourself asking to be in the Coney Island hot dog contest if Walters were the dogs being served. One is never enough, so Queen Paige would recommend getting a single and a puppy. I agree. 
It's not just the dogs that will keep you coming back, but the sides as well. Curly fries, shoe string fries, potato puffs, and something called sweet spuds are all mouthwatering complements to your hotdogs. Lets take a second to talk about the sweet potato spuds. A crunchy fried coating gives way to a steaming middle of oozing sweet potato. Think about normal potato cones and then throw that image away and replace it with these because they are 10 times better, sweeter, and amazing-er. These are BEYOND, I'm talking breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner status. 
From Karly's facial expression I think she likes them as much as I do...
The fries are salty, thick, and crispy but still the spuds are the way 2 go. 
Set up camp at the outdoor picnic tables and wash your meal down with an old fashioned egg cream, malt, italian ice, or 7UP freeze and you're living the American dream. It is for this reason, this edible dream, that is the only thing to justify/explain this trek halfway around the world. But let me tell you when I say, its beyond worth it.

doggy bag please

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